$ – LONGREAD: I Was Fired by Bloomberg a Week After Telling My Boss That My Mum had a ‘Moderate Collapsed Lung’; She Died Soon After (4)

–Global corporate culture needs reform; updated to include middle-management behavior
GoFundMe (Mega-rich Bloomberg LP seeks $53,000 from me / my family / my home / my future)
–Retopped From This Earlier Story:
Hitting Allies: My 2019 Nord Stream Story for Bloomberg That Was Never Published Was a Peek Into Now  

March 24- April 8, 2022 (London): Opinion by Mathew Carr (CarrZee)

It was years ago when I was still working as an energy reporter with Bloomberg in London, I thought there was an important story to tell about the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project. It was crucial enough to write, even though I officially had the day off work.

It was Friday Dec. 13, 2019. I was out and about seeing industry executives, anyway. So I decided to write the story in a dingy café near the bustling Bond Street tube station, in London. I enlisted help from Olga Tanas, one of Bloomberg News’s energy specialists covering eastern Europe and Russia.

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