Massive Temperature Rise in Polar Extremes of the World Got Me Thinking About Nearby Sea-Level Rise: Charts

By Mathew Carr

March 23, 2022 — The recent news is doing my head in.

Please someone, give me some hope.

First I see this, multiple versions of it.

Then I read this from Bloomberg, which indicates that me and my neighbours seem to be protected (I live in London’s East End). Note the “area protected by flood defenses” with the lines running southwest to northeast matching the “flood area”.

Source is:

Then I look at this at “Climate Central” for 2030

“Land projected to be below ANNUAL flood level, 2030.”

There seems to be a massive disconnect. Note the substantial difference.

Either the Environment Agency or the UK or Climate Central has it very wrong.

The Bloomberg story has some cool data and information. Yet … is it missing the big picture?

Because it focusses on this: Rather than water spilling over from the River Thames or its tributaries, the city’s biggest flood risk in this century is from rainwater overwhelming the drainage system. (from the story)


The sea-level rise seems more important “this century” … or even “this decade” … note 2030 is eight years away.

Please help me understand, folks … what am I missing?

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