There’s Gotta Be a Way to Avoid the World Splitting in Two; Pair of Charts

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Link here to UNFCCC doc …and you can click though to OECD source doc

CarrZee: Stoking private climate finance is key; reducing the risk of private investment into emerging nations — allowing them to leap frog …it’ll take humility by political leaders not on show right now in global geopolitics …it’ll take some more clarity at the Green Climate Fund, too. The Russia-Ukraine border need not be the fault line that cracks the world in two. A G20 deal endorsed by the UNFCCC meeting in Egypt later this year is what’s needed.

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Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan has struck a deal to import natural gas from Russia – despite outcry over the invasion of Ukraine.
As countries impose sanctions and seek to isolate Vladimir Putin, Khan became the first leader to sign a new trade deal with Russia since the attack. (Independent)

Not Slaves

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan lashed out at foreign diplomats who pressured his country to join a UN resolution condemning Russia over its military attack on Ukraine, accusing the envoys of treating Pakistanis like “slaves”.

At a rally on Sunday, Khan shot back at a March 1 letter from diplomats representing 22 missions, including countries in the European Union along with Japan, Switzerland, Canada, the UK, and Australia, which called on Pakistan to drop its neutrality and join them in condemning Moscow, Russia Today News reported.

“What do you think of us? Are we your slaves that whatever you say, we will do?” questioned Khan, before asking EU ambassadors whether they wrote “such a letter to India”, which also remains neutral, RT reported.

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Not all Western companies sever ties to Russia over Ukraine

A shrinking number of well-known companies are still doing business in Russia even after hundreds of others have announced plans to curtail ties

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Guardian has good context.

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  1. Hit Putin’s Russia HARD . . . Some of the Oligarch’s are wise, as we have seen . . . but there are many thousands of them. Tightening the screws down on them ALL is a brilliant tactic. It says ‘Yer buddy is a sick man . . . STOP him!’. Only the people ‘inside Russia’ can stop this war that is soaked in the blood of innocent women and children in the Ukraine. Only by bringing the crushing reality of Putin’s monstrous actions home to roost can the West bring this war to an end. Russian civilians must learn that Putin is ‘Killing Them’ with his madness. Shut down EVERY McDonalds and KFC inside Russia until this war is over. Teach the people on the ground . . . your leader is a corrupt psychopath and until he is gone . . . WE ARE ALL . . . out of here !!

    Oil and Gas companies have heard, shipping companies have heard some retailers have heard . . . ALL the western retail and service companies must withdraw NOW ! Starve the Russian people of the ‘Détente’ they have come to know, which their leader has flouted in the name of his egotistical power mongering. Show the Russian People . . . that what they have gained from peace . . . can be stripped away in an instant ! . . . Thanks to Putin . . . and His War Mongering and His Ego trip. One last thing MUST be stripped away from ALL Russians . . . Crypto Currencies . . . Ban ALL Crypto exchanges into or out of Russia. That is where the criminal underbelly of the Russian Oligarch’s THRIVE. Kill that . . . you kill their operations in the ‘Underworld’. Furthermore, you kill the ONLY other ‘legitimate trading’ option left that can skirt ALL the other sanctions meant to stop Russian economic progress.

    Stand With the Ukrainian People . . . Stand up against Putin . . . Make his People Understand What Putin has Done TO them . . .

    China, NATO and Russia, three points on a Global Triangle. Nobody gets TOO close to anyone because of the other two. NATO, The West, has been cozying up to the world in the name of Détente. World trade, globalization and the concept of ‘A New World Order’. Western philosophies leading to these initiatives have been evolving ever since ‘Baby Boomers’ began to take over the economies of the West. Well educated, rational, philosophically evolved intellectuals have driven these ‘Common Sense’ strategies absent the fear of war for 30 years. Now the Ugly Head of Geo Politics rises from the ashes of the past ignoring the successes and prosperity brought thanks peace. A complete assassination of 30 years of progress at the hands of one megalomaniac. A complete destruction of that ‘New World Order’ so many years in the making. What do we do now?

    Nothing is, as it seemed. Global efforts from wisdom, empathy, mutual respect, free-trade, environmentalism and peace have ALL come home to roost. Now ALL these efforts will need to be undone and a new course will need to be charted bringing untold economic pain and suffering in the name of yet another ‘New world Order’ founded on self-preservation and fear. No one will ever let this ever happen again . . . when the eyes clear from the tears and the cloud of war a new guidance will appear demanding ‘Taking care of our own’ a selfish disregard for others.

    Welcome to the 21st century Whoo Haaa . . .

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    My Thoughts . . .

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