‘Plurilateral’ Environmental Negotiations Seen From 2022 Work in the WTO; to get Fishy Signal

Just wanting to note this from earlier in the month. Catching up now. From:

“With the adoption of several ministerial statements in December 2021, governments put the WTO on route to strengthen the role of trade rules in effectively combating climate change and supporting environmental objectives, including by exploring work in areas like trade in environmental goods and services, sustainable plastics trade, and fossil fuel subsidies, among others.

Work in 2022 could set the stage for launching plurilateral negotiations in some of these areas. Moreover, and as early as possible in the New Year, WTO members should conclude the negotiation of a long-overdue agreement to cut harmful fisheries subsidies. Doing so would send a strong signal of their commitment to a green-trade agenda — and of their ability to negotiate multilaterally.”


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