Renewables are the answer … and solar and wind need a bit of natural gas: Europe’s big debate (2)

Jan. 23-26, 2022: Press review

If you really want to make sure that you can provide stable, affordable energy to your citizens, renewables is the answer” : Timmermans

Still… renewables need a natural gas backup for now because of intermittency.

Big debate this month in the EU:

From the Time magazine:

After years of delays, the E.U. wants to finalize its green “taxonomy”—an official list of investments the bloc classifies as sustainable for the planet—by the end of January. The taxonomy aims to help Europe’s private sector, which is trying to overhaul spending to meet recent environmental pledges, move its money to the right places. A draft version, sent to member states on Dec. 31, says natural-gas projects should count as green under certain conditions; natural gas is labeled as a “transitional fuel,” and investments in it will count as green if power plants produce emissions below 270 g of CO₂ equivalent per kilowatt-hour. Any new natural-gas project must also replace a more polluting fossil-fuel plant, receive a construction permit by Dec. 31, 2030, and be equipped to transition to lower-carbon gas by 2035.

Ultimately renewables and batteries will do much of the trick.

Despite what climate activist Mr Razzouk says, some industrial processes do require fuels — can’t be electrified.

Natural gas is not a transitional fuel. Instead it should be seen as a fuel of last resort: Euractiv

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