CARR VS BLOOMBERG DECISION: I was given ~1 hour to put my case at the end of a 5-day London-based hearing

— “Some arguments against me were twisted”

By Mathew Carr

Dec. 14, 2021

I was given about an hour to put my case at the end of a 5-day UK Employment Tribunal hearing on Friday. Not sure why I wasn’t given more time.

The result yesterday was that while there was some unfairness in my letting go by Bloomberg LP in May last year, it was in the bounds of reasonability.

The case pertained to climate whistleblowing and unfair dismissal. I contend I should have been given more time, after waiting 18 months for justice.

I’m summarizing.

The original hearing was set for 10 days starting Dec, 6, so was cut, almost in half.

I was given the chance as a self litigant to question three key witnesses. Other Bloomberg witnesses never showed up to be questioned.

I won’t comment more for now, except to say I’m still not sure I was given a fair chance in the UK-overseen Tribunals.

BACKGROUND — There has been about seven internal hearings at Bloomberg and the case was put in a preliminary way toward multiple Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal judges.

Here is the decision summary from yesterday:

Employment Tribunal snip

(More to come. Search “Bloomberg” on for background )

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