Emerging Countries: Want to Trade More Cleanly? Trade With the EU

By Mathew Carr

July 28, 2021 (LONDON): Europe’s using revenue from its carbon market to improve the cleanliness of trade routes, including ports and airports.

Developing countries wanting to trade more cleanly should consider doing so with the EU.

List of projects — See note 2. Selling the right to emit gives nations firepower to help finance a cleaner economy. Giving away the right to emit worsens the climate crisis.

See the screen shots in this tweet for examples of clean port and airport projects:

The European Commission announced on Tuesday that 32 small projects will receive €122m in revenue from the emissions trading system, after being judged to “innovate beyond the state-of-the-art”, Ends Europe reported.

The projects, which are based in 14 EU member states, plus Norway and Iceland, include a plant to regenerate industrial oils for reuse, CO2 capture and storage in basalt rock, vehicle-to-grid power storage, carbon-negative aggregates for the construction sector, and technology to produce hydrogen directly from solar energy, Ends said (see note 1).


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Photo by Anugrah Lohiya on Pexels.com

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