UN Should Tell Israel to Back Off, Send in Peacekeepers from Muslim Countries (1)

Comment by Mathew Carr

Oct. 14, 2023

The UN should get Israel to back off in Gaza … and instead send in UN peacekeepers, perhaps from Muslim countries — to dampen tensions.

Sending Israeli troops into Gaza is not the right thing to do as they will probably stoke an already fraught and brutal conflict.

Hamas is claiming Israel has already killed 13 of its own people, who were being held as hostages in Gaza, according to reports.

UN peacekeepers could prevent more brutality and ensure that Israel does not attempt to improperly grab control of land in Gaza.

Peacekeepers could also seek to establish a humanitarian corridor and try to prevent any criminals from escaping accountability.

Last Friday, I spoke with two people familiar with a plan to send British troops on a peace mission to Ukraine, under the UN or NATO. These plans have been in place for a year, according to a third source.

Now, Britain is sending planes and ships to the Med to help calm the situation.

But, because of Britain’s imperialist past, western forces could make tensions around Israel even worse.

US ships should also back off if it’s safe to do so.

Sky News:

These documents indicate Hamas has been planning its operations for a year


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