Sept. was 1.8C above temperatures in pre-industrial times: Guardian; 2C target at risk within months? (1)

See Guardian story. here

What is gobsmacking is the Guardian fails to put the breach of 1.5c in the headline.

Mr Morton also fails to explain whether the 1.8c figure in the story refers to the level above average Septembers in the 1850-1900 period.

I will ask.

Guardian: New data shows average global temperatures in September were not just the hottest ever recorded, but 0.5C above the previous record for the month. They were about 1.8C above temperatures in pre-industrial times, before humans started pumping vast amounts of heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The scientist and writer Zeke Hausfather is not prone to hyperbole but was quick to put this into context on social media, saying it was – in his “professional opinion as a climate scientist” – bananas. “It’s hard to overstate just how exceptionally high global temperatures are at the moment,” he said on Bluesky.

Aug 2023 temps were already 1.52C above pre industrial times.

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