Why India should consider a higher carbon price to match Europe

By Mathew Carr

July 27, 2023 — The challenge with allowing India to have a lower carbon price (as suggested in the Indian Express linked below) is that a lower price will deter investors that want their clean investments protected by a HIGH carbon price … the investment will keep flowing to oecd countries if India’s co2 level isn’t high enough to encourage green hydrogen, for instance.

  • #India should see the higher co2 price under CBAM (see below) as an opportunity because it will mean it ends up with a cleaner, more modern economy AND have extra revenue (from selling co2 allowances) to protect its many vulnerable people.
  • It’s crucial India installs protection for poor people.
  • Rich people / corporations must pay the full cost of ALL their climate damage, which will provide funds to help the vulnerable.
  • Yes the EU should treat India with extra respect because of its low emissions per capita
  • CBAM: EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism coming in gradually …starting in October

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See this from the link above


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