Climate Talks Agree What They Are Talking About at the END of Two Weeks of Talks + Clowns (1)

June 14-16, 2023 — The envoys had been wrangling over the meeting agenda for 10 of 11 days….with developing countries unhappy at the lack of finance for adaptation.

Envoys adopted the agenda Wednesday afternoon, following compromise, according to the chair of SBSTA.

SBSTA Chair Harry Vreuls (the Netherlands) and SBI Chair Nabeel Munir (Pakistan) expressed appreciation for parties’ flexibility in reaching an agreement and allowing work to be launched prior to the adoption of the agendas. They noted this is not setting a precedent for future work. (IISD daily report)

Rich countries have caused the climate crisis but are reluctant to compensate for the damage they caused, said one envoy.

An EU push to get agreement on emissions mitigation was rejected by other parties because it would have overturned a process that was earlier agreed, said another.

(Corrects to 11-day meeting. Apologies for the confusion.)

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In the Corridors: IISD snip

“Good to know this won’t all go to waste,” summed up a delegate as news of agreement on the Subsidiary Bodies’ agenda rippled across the World Conference Center around lunchtime on the penultimate day of the session. Some speculated this gave delegates just the push they needed to “fill their sails” and further clean up their texts as far as possible ahead of the closing plenary.

Considering this was their first substantive exchange over the matter, delegates working on the just transition work programme indicated they were quite pleased with progress made. Those working on the Global Goal on Adaptation and on research and systematic observation: much less so.


With a panelist in the Ocean Dialogue promoting “eating clownfish” as an effective measure for addressing the rampant problems this invasive species causes around the globe, a frustrated observer suggested “eating other clowns” as she exited heated discussions on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The Earth Negotiations Bulletin summary and analysis of the 2023 Bonn Climate Change Conference will be available on Monday, 19 June 2023

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