Kids Being Exploited Worsens the Climate Crisis (2)

–Journalist Peter McKillop Makes Some Salient Observations About What the Jeffrey Epstein Affair Reveals About Society, the Establishment, the Climate Crisis

Opinion, amplification by Mathew Carr

May 13-15, 2023 — LONDON: The reporting below by McKillop focuses in part on how the world’s youth see the duplicitous, exploitative nature of world leaders and that makes them feel even more hopeless about the lack of climate action.

The lack of accountability exposes an establishment class not properly in touch with younger and future generations.

This lack of accountability for their lack of care clearly needs addressing in order to speed climate action.

Examples by McKillop (unedited and I have not checked his facts):

The Epstein affair demonstrates in graphic detail that the actions, not words, of world leaders matter.

Gate’s questionable judgment 

Consider Bill Gates. Even though his wife allegedly left him because of his association with Epstein, Gates shows no sign of contrition, nor has he been banished from society as Prince Andrew, Bill Cosby, or ex-J.P. Morgan banker Staley have been. Gates, like Bill Clinton or Lawrence Summers, is still welcomed — even sought after — by world leaders, corporate chieftains and the media, who cling to his fig leaf of plausible denial.

This is particularly problematic with Gates, because his ideas, foundation, and endless capital disproportionately influence the climate debate.

Made in Russia

This week, for example, Gates sent a personal email to many followers, gushing that “history is being made” at his $2 billion nuclear power plant project in Wyoming. “I’ve long believed that if we want to fight climate change, we must bet big on nuclear power. No other source of clean energy is as reliable, and no other source of reliable energy is as clean.”

What Gates did not tell his readers is that not only is the fuel for the reactor only produced in Russia, but that his partners in the U.S. Department of Energy have put a hold on their support for the project.

That billionaires like Gates, Supreme Court judges, media moguls, and corporate CEOs can display such questionable ethical judgment yet still be allowed to use their immense power and money to influence public policy and debate is one reason why Gen Z is so skeptical about the future.

And this

But there is more

During the weeks of the United Nations General Assembly, Epstein’s townhouse also saw a steady stream of visiting UN dignitaries. Epstein’s sorry past did not stop him from being invited to a Silicon Valley “billionaire’s dinner” with Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Salar Kamangar, Zack Bogue, and others.

Epstein was also a card-carrying member of the Trilateral Commission, a member in good standing at the Council on Foreign Relations, and he briefly served on the board of New York’s Rockefeller University. And for ten years after being arrested for soliciting a minor, Epstein had access to an office and card key at Harvard University, where he continued to post links to his foundation and his connection to Harvard on their university website.

Non-genuine behavior is rife

McKillop quotes Alison Taylor, a clinical associate professor at New York University, who focuses on corporate responsibility and business ethics.

“Her students, she says, are part of a new, emerging generation that is “very good on authenticity and what is really going on. They are very attuned to hypocrisy.”

They are particularly wary of corporate ESG. Like her students, Taylor worries that despite a tsunami of ESG commitments and pledges, the world’s government, business, and finance leaders are “nowhere near agreement on how a business that aspires to be more ethical and trustworthy can get there.”

UK’s King Charles III’s brother Andrew is disgraced over his association with Epstein and treatment of women. Charles was a friend of reviled pedophile Jimmy Savile (which the mainstream media seems to ignore). Savile even advised Charles on PR.

Click the link at the top to read McKillop’s entire article. It joins dots that need joining.

There is ‘no accountability’ for bad behavior of global leaders

(Updates with links and King Charles III, Taylor)

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