Valero, Automaker Test Membrane That Captures 90% of Tailpipe CO2 (3)

By Mathew Carr

May 8, 2023 — LONDON: Valero Energy Corporation is testing a “membrane” with an unspecified car maker that captures more than 90% of carbon dioxide from the tailpipes of vehicles.

“Think about affordability. Think about solutions right now,” said Giovanna Rueda, vice president of ESG at Valero, at Women in Energy /NYU Stern industry event (see link below), declining to name the automaker. Forget about 2050, aspirational goals. “Think about how do we do it right now,” she said.

“We are in the middle of a prototype with an automaker,” she said. Valero “really wants” to test in the real world what the membrane does in the lab, she said.

While Valero’s support of the new technology is not new, the deal with the unspecified automaker seems to be. See this snip from a September 2022 sustainability report.

Better Than EV?

Go to 1 hr 19 mins here …the whole thing is worth a listen:

Snip from event above

Here is some more info.

This may hint at the auto maker’s brand. Google Lens seems to think “Toyota” for what that is worth. That carmaker is the world’s largest:

(More to come)

exhaust pipe of a black sportscar
Just a photo of a tail pipe. Not related to the Valero project. Photo by Jacob Moore on

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