China being contained by the West led by the U.S.: Xi via Reuters

Key snip:

Xi blamed the West for the difficulties faced by China’s economy. “Led by the United States, the West has implemented all-round containment to suppress China, bringing unprecedented challenges to China’s development,” state radio quoted Xi as saying.

BEIJING (Reuters) -Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Monday private companies should be “rich and loving” by shouldering a responsibility along with state-own firms to achieve prosperity for all.

Private Chinese and foreign firms have been waiting for Beijing to flesh out details on how it intends to pursue “common prosperity”, Xi’s signature initiative to narrow China’s wealth gap, and how it expects private firms to contribute.

Speaking in a closed-door meeting with government advisers representing the business sector during the annual session of parliament, Xi urged private firms and entrepreneurs to be “patriotic” and participate actively in charity undertakings, state radio reported on Monday….see link


FT March 9

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