The stupidity in Kentucky cannot get more stupid, surely: Times (1)

CarrZee: I have a message for Allison Ball, Republican Treasurer in the state, who evidently can’t see beyond her reckless greed: Mother Nature is coming for you, your “local economy” and your state.

I keep thinking this labelling of climate science and policy as “woke” must be peak small-minded stupid.

No this is not about the local economy…it’s about the survival of the global economy as we now enjoy it.

This localised greed of some in the fossil-fuel sector and their enablers is even worse than that displayed by banks during the global financial crisis some 15 years ago.

The media is normalising this stupidity, including in this story, below.

Is anyone properly challenging Ball? Not Fox. That’s for sure.

Does she have children? Yes is the answer. Does she care about them?

This is where I puzzle. I agree with her that the fossil fuel industry needs to be loved … as it runs off.

What the banks are not doing is boycotting that industry.

They are just encouraging the transition away from CO2…the extremely damaging heat-trapping gas. Over time.

Big difference. The fossil fuel era is ending. Deal with it.

Has anyone told her about the global carbon budget implied by the Paris climate deal that everyone in the world but her is on board with?


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