Tens of billions of USD in carbon finance at stake for 2023 in fraught COP27 talks: CarrZee, IETA Podcast

By Mathew Carr

NOTE: Article six test agreed. See below.

Oct. 18-19, 2022 –Audio interview with Dirk Forrister, President of the International Emissions Trading Association, earlier today in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Forrister speaks about the importance of putting more details on the Paris climate deal Article 6 provisions, how corporate CEOs can use the Paris deal to counterbalance their impact on the climate, how the Science Based Target Initiative has adopted a misguided stance against carbon credits, how billions of USD could be at stake if envoys make the wrong choice at the UN-overseen negotiations ending tomorrow (potentially).

He says the carbon markets will continue to progress, even if the COP27 talks blow up. (As of Saturday they are overrunning at least one day)

I’ve spoken with others about the Article 6 negotiations. Some skeptical envoys said some parties want to rush too fast back to the embryonic days of the carbon markets in the 2000s.

CarrZee: I’m with economist Adam Smith. I say carbon markets have been unfairly demonized, to a large extent, at least.

The best way to beat the highly profitable fossil fuelers is to let people make money out of cutting heat-trapping gas. It can be a more moral form of money making. I’m not saying the carbon markets can’t be improved tonight, over the weekend. Science-based carbon markets, if you like, backed by transparency, solid environmental credibility and blockchain.

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Forrister. Source: World Bank

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