British Pound Advances as Hunt Seen as Moderate Influence in Truss Govt (1)

–Hunt could learn the lesson and focus on government revenue raising that helps sustainability of UK economy
–Penalising bad behavior seen boosting British government revenue; also the government could stop subsidizing fossil fuels; corporate tax cut on the chopping board

Guardian: Jeremy Hunt has been appointed as Liz Truss’s new chancellor, in a stunning reversal of political fortune and a sign that the beleaguered prime minister wants to reach out to other sections of the Conservative party.

Hunt, the former foreign secretary and health secretary, has twice tried unsuccessfully to become Conservative leader.

He has been on the backbenches since Boris Johnson became prime minister in 2019, and is seen as coming from the more one-nation wing of the party. His appointment indicates Truss wants to broaden her support – and is likely to slow down her rush to introduce tax cuts.

CarrZee: The new chancellor could distinguish himself and buttress government finances by highlighting likely increases in government money from carbon allowances, restoring plans for a sugar tax, following New Zealand on agricultural incentives, dropping subsidies to fossil fuel mates, cutting subsidies to renewable energy companies who lie (Drax?). These changes can gradual, gentle and flagged well in advance. This will help restore the government’s damaged reputation for economic management.


Pound rose in afternoon as Hunt appointment hit market; gain was later eroded

See this:

And this:

The government could keep stealing policies from the opposition party, as it’s been doing.

The natgas market is falling, which is probably lowering the cost of the government’s energy cost guarantee program:

Natgas More Than Halves

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