You don’t drill, baby, drill unless you #Article6 it; ignorant editorial board of the day: New York Post (1) Snip:

Biden in NYpost opinion



You can’t just drill, baby, drill…baby.

Because if the USA does this, everyone will follow … and we’ll end up with 3c of warming. Maybe that is certain already. Perhaps 4c (7.2f) of warming, or even more.

The New York Post needs to familiarise itself with what the UNFCCC, the G7 and the G20 is trying to do.

Then, write a less ignorant editorial.

The USA has already used more than its fair share of the global carbon budget, implied by the Paris climate deal targets.

Countries that have done this need to start buying oil only from nations that have not yet used their fair share.

Or, they can use Article 6 of the Paris climate deal to do a carbon trade with those said countries.

Article 6 allows countries and companies to collaborate on climate action like never before. It might include sharing the right to pollute or buying and selling carbon credits.

Only after the USA has struck such a deal, can it drill, baby, drill.

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