So you think the U.K. is becoming even more of a U.S., ‘lapdog’? Well, so is ‘occupied’ Germany: smart man (1)

Sept. 23, 2022 (London) — Part of a CarrZee series about how the Russia-Ukraine war is unnecessarily distracting the world from climate action (yet also sort of spurring it on).

On social media: See this entertaining and insightful Sept. 18 perspective (copied below) from a former UK diplomat William Mallinson, who says Germany, with 21 U.S. military bases, is doing what it’s told by its master (the U.S.) when it comes to sending military equipment to Ukraine.

Key points:

Germany is occupied by the U.S.

Nato was created to keep America in Europe, Russia out, Germany down (Nato itself said this as it was being set up)

CarrZee: Germany’s plan to collaborate with Russia on energy supply threated the U.S. competitive advange in relation to the market price for natgas

European independence is the “biggest business threat” of the U.S.

Putin is calling for a stronger UN

The big battle behind the scenes is “who controls Europe” or can Europe be allowed to be independent

Still, Germany does not want to “over irritate” the Russian government, because Russia could retaliate

Some fear a push to make Nato a “world policeman”

CarrZee comment: I’m not sure I fully agree with all this. If the U.S. mostly wants to control Germany, why push it to spend more on weapons / rearmament? A better armed Germany will increase the chance of more independence.

An implication here is that it’s Russia (among those) seeking to get a global (UN) climate solution and it’s the U.S. blocking it. The U.S., afterall, is most responsible for the climate crisis, yet has only 4% of the global population.

Russia Today is blocked in the UK, so the interview will be below for download (if You Tube allows it — and it did):



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