$ – Governments Will Come Unstuck if They Seek to Manipulate Their Way Out of the Energy Crisis (1)

Analysis by Mathew Carr initially + blindspot (later in the story)

Sept. 19-20, 2022: This is a moment of extreme danger for European and global energy markets.

Countries and their governments are right to reconsider energy policy in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war and the faster-moving climate crisis.

The focus should be on transparency to make price discovery better — more information about supply and demand. If Russia’s holding back supply, what can governments in Europe do to make sure traders have more information about how long this might go on?

The Dutch natgas benchmark has now plunged 46% from its peak (as of Monday). Yet prices at €188 / MWh are still way too much of a shock for the economy vs the levels around €15 / MWh just two years ago.


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