UK refuses to say how much its energy guarantee will cost because it doesn’t know: Mirror + CarrZee

Sept. 8-9, 2022 (Mirror, Sept. 8)

Here are the key bits, plus my comments:

CarrZee: If true, this is outrageous. It seems the government is pretending to have a solution when it doesn’t.

It’s taking glory for being “fast” but actually its lawmaking is total chaos.

This proposal is not how the supposed “world’s best political party” should govern.

It’s irresponsible to say you’ll limit costs to £2,500 a year when you don’t know how you will do it. Unless it is some sort of G20 “climate club” negotiation stance.

Perhaps the UK government is waiting for natgas to fall further. It’s dropped 40% since Aug. 26, yet remains at very high levels. See this:


The situation made me think of this graffiti in east London / Hackney Marshes
See here for my analysis of the “energy mortgage” option

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