European NatGas & Power Prices Surge as Strikes, Markets Threaten Heavy Industry; Gas up Another 4% to 170 euros/MWh (4)

June 4-5, 2022

Are the energy markets rigged? Supply from demonized Russia is down.

Workers decide now is a good time to strike. People are s!ck of being treated like sh!t.

Planned industrial action for this summer reaches some sort of peak.

In the UK, post office workers have gone on strike, joining others including transport workers and barristers.

The rationale is familiar – workers are not happy that profit is being put before people and the environment…and other sustainable development goals.

See this from the Telegraph newspaper:

Trade union Unite said 2,400 Royal Mail managers will work to rule from July 15-19, followed by strike action on July 20-22.

The union said its members had no choice but to strike over what it branded “ruinous” proposals to cut 700 jobs and slash pay by up to £7,000.

Sharon Graham, United general secretary, said:

This business is awash with cash but it is putting profits and dividends for the few at the top ahead of its duties as a public service.  

There is not a single aspect of these cuts which is about improving customer service. They are being driven entirely by a culture of greed and profiteering which has seized a 500 year-old essential service, driving it close to ruin.  


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