UNFCCC to Prepare Paper on Transferring Kyoto Credits to Paris Carbon Registry


The SBI requested the secretariat to prepare a technical paper with the aim of furthering Parties’ understanding of the technical and process-related aspects of the transfer of eligible CERs from the CDM registry to the Article 6, paragraph 4, mechanism registry, focusing on the implications for the CDM registry, for consideration at SBI 57 (November 2022).

The technical paper should include:

(a) An overview of the CDM registry, in particular functions, pending account, holding accounts;

(b) Technical assessment of options, including possible intermediary solutions, for effecting the transfer in a manner that ensures reconciliation of data on transfers in the CDM registry and in the Article 6, paragraph 4, mechanism registry;

(c) Implications, including in relation to cost, of the transfer process for the CDM registry, including its ongoing maintenance to support the issuance and transfer of eligible CERs;

(d) A timeline of activities related to the transfer, including in relation to the additional period for fulfilling commitments for the second commitment of the Kyoto Protocol;

(e) Disaggregated and aggregated information on eligible CERs held in the CDM registry.

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