UN Negotiators Continue to Ask Basic Questions About How Carbon Trading Will Work Under Paris Deal


Emphasizing that the sooner submissions are received, the more time all Parties have to consider them, the SBSTA invited Parties and admitted observer organizations to submit via the submission portal their views on:

(a) The special circumstances of the least developed countries and small island developing States;

(b) The elaboration of further guidance in relation to corresponding adjustments for multi-year and single-year nationally determined contributions in a manner that ensures the avoidance of double counting;

(c) Whether internationally transferred mitigation outcomes could include emission avoidance;


One comment

  1. The whole carbon Trading scheme is a 1 trillion$ annual scam on the good people of the World . . .

    The whole ‘Net Zero’ system is about ‘Appearances’ . . . NOT the clean up of pollution. We take industries that ‘Appear Clean’ like wind, solar and EV’s, by ignoring their implicit ‘Embodied Energy’ and allow them to sell ‘Carbon Credits’, also known as ‘Carbon Allowances’, that work like ‘Permission Slips’ for companies that Pollute Excessively.

    Then these ‘Excess Polluters’ who buy ‘Carbon Offsets’ get to continue polluting, unabated without spending a single dime on removing the REAL pollution going up their smokestacks . . .

    This is a game of ‘slight of hand’, a ‘Magician’s Trick’, trading 4 quarters for a dollar . . . when it comes to cleaning up the Air we Breath or the Water we Drink . . . It LOOKS amazing . . . on paper . . . while in practice . . . It improves NOTHING . . . it is no better than moving the deck chairs on the Titanic from one side of the deck to the other . . . hoping that the list will be corrected . . .

    Net Zero . . . is a 1 Trillion $$ per year Fraud . . . perpetrated on the well-intentioned masses around the world by the Scientific Ignorance of Environmentalists intent on destroying the Fossil Fuel industry.

    What Planet Earth needs is Scrubbers and Electrostatic Precipitators and Nitrous Oxide Burners on EVERY smokestack NOW . . . Oops . . . that would mean that Environmentalists would have to ‘Crawl into bed’ with the dreaded fossil fuel industry and Industrialists to implement systems that Actually Work at cleaning up the Planet. These systems remove up to 97% of the ‘Foul Effluent’ coming from the smokestacks . . .

    Oh My . . . Actual Clean-Up . . . No No No . . . We must destroy them all . . . We won’t need the clean-up . . . They will all be gone . . . no need . . .

    Environmentalists have a Magic Trick . . . ‘Net Zero’ . . . let’s try that . . . Our Buddies in the ‘Clean Green’ energy world will help us sell that and they will get rich at the same time . . . Elon Musk Anyone ??

    Oh . . . The Media doesn’t understand Science either . . . ‘They will help us sell this’ . . . Good! . . . Well Done!

    Complete Madness . . . the innocent masses continue to suffer the world over . . . buried in smog and real pollution . . . because REAL solutions are NOT advocated . . .

    For the ‘Honest Report’ please read the following paper . . . The Devil is in the Details . . .


    Clean Green Energy – Net Zero – Fairy Tales on Steroids (allaboutenergy.net)

    I really hope that some of you will read these truths and push back !!


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