Time ‘Running Out’ for Intergenerational Equity: Your Parents Have F*cked it Up

German Environment Minister Steffi Lemke, in an emailed statement:

“Time is running out. If we are to give young people a world that is still worth living in, we have to swiftly steer the course towards climate and biodiversity friendly economic practices.

“In addition to the global energy transition and nature-based climate solutions, we need to advance circular economy more rigorously than ever.

“ Stringent recycling and better product durability curb resource consumption and help to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions.

“They also help conserve biodiversity and nature. I firmly believe that we need fresh momentum for global environmental policy.

“The Stockholm+50 Conference (June 2-3) will direct more international attention towards these important policy areas.”

CarrZee Context: Germany IS one of the many great climate-action pretenders. It has done a lot to lower the cost of solar power…having said that.

Climate sincerity is tough for everyone

Carbon Pricing Can Help

The results of a study supported by the German Ministry BMUV carried out by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) show that implementation of the SDGs is an essential prerequisite for achieving climate and biodiversity targets, according to the statement.

“Conversely, the implementation of the climate and biodiversity targets is a prerequisite for the transition to sustainable development.

“According to the study, for example, carbon pricing would lower emissions and thus help mitigate climate change.

“At the same time, the revenues could be used for poverty reduction or investments in education, healthcare or sustainable infrastructure.

“The study also concluded that more sustainable agriculture and eating less meat would not only protect ecosystems, but also human health.

“More detailed information can be found in the study published today by the PIK: (Soergel et al. 2022, Link: https://doi.org/10.48485/pik.2022.003).”

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