USA Admits its Historical Blame for Climate Change to India (But Still Doesn’t Say Much About its Relatively Small Population) (2)

April 13-18, 2022 – CarrZee comment (including below Blinken comment)

The USA is finally admitting it has a “long historic legacy” of creating the climate crisis, but it’s still not being really honest.

It’s still not putting its blame in the context of its relatively small population and its responsibility to make good in a specific way. Thirty something years after signing up to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change it’s still speaking in vague terms and is apparently unwilling to educate its own population about global climate justice. See this:

Secretary Antony J. Blinken Remarks with Indian External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar As Part of the U.S.-India Higher Education Discussion

04/12/2022 10:14 PM EDT

Unedited section on climate, spoken by Blinken:

“Climate:  We are 15 percent of global emissions.  We also have a long historic legacy of having built up emissions, but we’re 15 percent.  Even if we do everything right at home, that still leaves 85 percent of emissions from other parts of the world.  So we have a strong interest in trying to find ways to work cooperatively as well as to help countries that need the support to adapt, to build resilience, as they’re making their own transitions.

CarrZee Comment: What wasn’t said is crucial. USA has about 4% of the world’s population and still has 15% of emissions. It’s most blame for the heat-trapping emissions that have built up in the atmosphere, despite that small population. India has about 14% of the world’s population and has barely any blame for historical emissions. See link.

Why India puts up with the double speak by the USA is beyond me.

India Emissions, while rising, are 1.75 tons per person vs a whopping 14 tons per person in the USA

Statistica snip
Statistica snip
Snip from Statistica

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