International coordination of climate effort seen promoting 2030 ambition and cost-saving for that ambition; Paris might fail (2)

Here’s how much cooperation is needed to save the climate. And soon.

From IPCC report (p 2,386)


The Paris Climate Agreement May Fail

IPCC: “In conclusion, it remains to be seen whether the Paris Agreement will deliver the collective ambition necessary to meet the temperature goal.

While the Paris Agreement does not contain strong and stringent obligations of result for major emitters, backed by a demanding compliance system, it establishes binding procedural obligations, lays out a range of normative expectations, and creates mechanisms for regular review, stock taking, and revision of NDCs (nationally determined contributions).

In combination with complementary approaches to climate governance, engagement of a wide range of non-state and sub-national actors, and domestic enforcement mechanisms, these have the potential to deliver the necessary collective ambition and implementation. Whether it will do so, remains to be seen.” p2,403

(Tweaks headline, earlier adds Paris may fail; more to come)

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