IPCC to Unveil Today Scientists’ View on What Global Emissions Cutting Can be Achieved Over Next Few Years

April 4, 2022 — Press conference expected 4pm London time

Working Group III Summary (unedited)
• The WG III report places climate change firmly in the context of sustainable development,
assessing wider risks and co-benefits (Chapters 1,17).
• The report explores synergies and trade-offs between mitigation and adaptation, linking
to the WG II AR6 report.
• The report documents and explains recent developments in emission and mitigation
efforts (Chapter 2).
• The report considers emission pathways and corresponding mitigation efforts over the
21st century, linking to the WG I AR6 report (Chapter 3).
• A chapter on mitigation and development pathways in the near to mid-term covers
national perspectives and assesses the aggregate impact of national pledges in relation to
longer term goals (Chapter 4).
• For the first time, the WG III AR6 report includes a chapter on social aspects of mitigation
that covers factors shaping consumption patterns and opportunities to reduce emissions on
the demand side (Chapter 5).
• The report also includes for the first time a chapter dedicated to innovation
and technology (Chapter 15).
• Mitigation opportunities and associated risks and co-benefits
in energy, agriculture, land use, settlements, buildings, transport,
and industry are explored in depth (Chapters 6-11).
• Mitigation options that cut across sectors, including
carbon dioxide removal techniques, are covered
in a separate chapter (Chapter 12).
• Actions needed to strengthen mitigation
efforts are covered in chapters on
institutions and policy, international
cooperation, finance,
and technology
development and
transfer (Chapters

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