U.K. Seen Wrongthinking About High Energy Prices

March 21, 2022

Opinion by Mathew Carr

One comment

  1. CarrZee is right.

    It is brilliance in a sense but totally electoralist short-termist but useless. The equivalent of what BJ policy is putting balmstick to a pig lips.

    Prices wont go down and it wont solve any problems in a 3 to 24 months. What are the benefits acheived- zero except Who will pocket the money ? Polluters.

    You are correct Sir.

    On Mon., Mar. 21, 2022, 10:07 a.m. CarrZee Carbon, wrote:

    > mathew carr posted: ” > https://twitter.com/carrzee/status/1505838721882640390?s=20&t=DF0DWhiQXc0Ie_FEP0WTZQ > ” >


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