CarrZee Comment: Putin’s War Deals Hammer Blow to Mr Trump’s Re-Election Bid (1)


Feb. 28, 2022. By Mathew Carr

I don’t know this guy Max but he seems to have a point and apparently is getting some traction:

So is Mr Trump really a contender for USA president in 2024?

I suspect not. Not anymore, anyway. (I’m no US politics expert BTW … and this opinion is not investment advice.)

Still, if Mr Trump isn’t a contender for President, that’s good for global climate action (or a G20 climate solution) that actually bites, isn’t it?

The commentary over the past several hours makes me a little less convinced about my previous opinion that EU carbon prices, the best proxy the world has for global climate action, will drop over the coming days / weeks / months because of sanctions on Russian companies / banks.

If Trump is out and climate action is in, it would make a nice change from the past 32 years of failed efforts to curb heat-trapping emissions.

See this from The Hill. Is this Trump desperation?

Trump tears into Biden as he moves toward 2024 campaign

BY MAX GREENWOOD – 02/26/22 10:09 PM EST

Former President Trump inched closer on Saturday to a 2024 comeback campaign, delivering a speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in which he hammered President Biden and congressional Democrats on everything from the conflict in Ukraine to their handling of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


This also caught my eye. Is Mr Putin ruining his “retirement” chance?


Published: 26th Feb 2022

(emphasis added to Matrix Chambers post)

The Right Honourable Sir Anthony Hooper has requested the UK Metropolitan Police to investigate President Putin, his associates and the generals involved in the invasion of Ukraine for those international war crimes which can be investigated and tried in the United Kingdom.

He invites citizens in the member states of the Council of Europe to make similar requests to their prosecuting authorities.

Sir Anthony Hooper is a retired judge of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales and is currently Deputy Chair of the Ethics Council of Ukraine.

See this for the link.

Londongrad is now less of a retirement option for Mr Putin?

Comments my way :



Sir Anthony Hooper

Sir Anthony Hooper is a former Court of Appeal judge.

Called: 1965 | Silk: 1987 | Associate

Sir Anthony Hooper retired from the Court of Appeal of England and Wales in September 2012.

Sir Anthony conducts investigations and acts as expert witness, mediator, arbitrator, monitor and as an advisor in complex litigation.  He lectures and leads discussion groups on issues of fraud, bribery, asset recovery, money laundering and related criminal and civil activity arising in the United Kingdom and in other countries. He is a core member of Matrix’s Integrity+ governance, investigations and solutions practice group.


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