Queen Elizabeth Should do the Climate a Favor and Open Her Namesake Train Line in London Early (1)

December 2021: CarrZee Comment: Her Majesty yesterday cancelled her pre -Christmas party because of the pandemic surge.

Restraint can also go too far.

Two sources familiar with the Crossrail situation tell me tests have been going fairly well on London’s Elizabeth line, named after the monarch.

The much-delayed 2-way lines that link west and east London deep under the city have been testing since May. They’ll dramatically cut travel times.

They are due to be opened officially around April 26, 2022 — the Queen’s 96th birthday.

CarrZee argues why wait, if it’s safe?

Pushing people onto the new rail platforms will make existing Tube platforms and trains safer…at least after the initial throng. (There are rumours of preferred human test subjects).

And such is the urgency of the climate crisis, every ton of road emissions saved counts.

The Queen set an example by restraining her inclination to let loose. Now, there’s a chance to help another crisis (I do realise it’s probably not up to her personally…but she’ll certainly have influence). There are lots of tests to do.


Escalators humming:

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