1,800 Pages — Surge Pricing Delays CarrZee v Bloomberg Bundles to Court

Dec. 6, 2021 — Oh the courts are environmentally inefficient.

I asked “can the hearing be electronic?” No response so far.

Now, it’s too late, almost 2,000 printed pages later. That’s nothing – you should see the Respondent’s side.

They will have printed more than 10,000 pages. I’ll try get a precise number.

Anyhow, rushing this morning to get them to “Victory House” – one of the U.K. Employment Tribunal’s court houses near Holborn, London, for my 10-day non-whistleblowing unfair dismissal hearing this week…I was flumoxed somewhat by the surge pricing from Uber.

£33 from my home near Mile End. Maybe not too bad if you actually have a nice paying job.

Needless to say – I took the five bundles by Tube.

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