Appeal Court Decides 11am Today Whether My Whistleblowing About Bloomberg’s Climate Complicity Was Legitimate: CarrZee (Media) Note (1)

Dec. 3, 2021. If you want a ringside seat at the video “read-out” decision hearing, you should email the Employment Appeal Tribunal (which handles whistleblowing disputes).

Cite this reference … EA-2021-000784-RN Mr M Carr v Bloomberg L.P.

And ask for the hearing video link. The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) wants to know who is logging in.

It might help if you say why. eg: “I want to know how climate whistleblowing works.” or “I’m a climate reporter for xyz.”

You need to do this by about 10am London time, I would say, so within an hour or so.

There are conditions – eg no recording, screenshots

This decision is not the end of the litigation, but it is the only decision so far in the dispute from the EAT. Ten-day main hearing set to start next week.


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(Adds today’s decision is not end of the litigation.)

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