Ford TV Advert “Unexpectedly” Interrupts Young Climate Activists on U.K. Channel-Four News

–Greta gets stuck in again — takes down the blah blah blah (see below)

By Mathew Carr

Sept. 30, 2021 — In a bizarre and “unexpected” incident, young climate activists speaking on U.K. TV from a pre-UN climate summit in Milan were interrupted last night by a Ford motor co. advertisement.

Zainab Waheed from Pakistan said it was wrong that rich countries could simply pull out of climate deals they helped negotiate (eg Canada and the U.S. — she didn’t name them). Developing countries aren’t able to opt out of agreements, she said, calling for “accountability measures” at climate talks in Glasgow, Scotland, starting next month:

Nisreen Elsaim from Sudan said some climate finance wasn’t really climate finance at all:

Maximo Mazzocco from Argentina said property rights probably should be distributed in “another way” for sustainable development – so people can grow their own food and energy.

The activists were interrupted by a clumsy adbreak that included just this for about 15 seconds:

The adbreak also included an ad on cancer awareness and one for Channel Four’s property TV show “Grand Designs”:

Ford is belatedly going electric, so I guess that’s OK, then (see below)…plus Channel Four needs ads to survive.

Channel Four’s news presenter apologized for the “unexpected interruption.”

Seen ‘Channel 4 News’? Watch it here on All 4:

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