Definition of Net Zero is Changing Almost Daily: HFW

With no agreed global standards, companies are struggling to decide how to credibly show they are cutting their impact on the climate and environment.

It’s equivalent to a minefield, said Peter Zaman and Jo Garland, partners and climate law experts at lawfirm HFW, writing in an article. See:

“Net zero declarations prove a minefield,” they said. “It’s such a fast-paced market that opinion on what is sufficient from a carbon neutral or net-zero perspective is changing almost daily.”

Making the wrong choice could blow up in a company executive’s face.

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United Nations envoys continue to struggle to agree a rulebook for the Paris climate deal, more than five years after it was struck.

The private sector has filled the void with an array of competing standards for what’s green and to represent what can be presented to customers, shareholders and employees as a credible emissions offset.

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