Deutschland veröffentlicht zulässige Emissionen nach Sektoren nach ehrgeizigeren geplanten Gesetzen; Germany Publishes Permitted Emissions by Sector Under More-Ambitious Planned Law (3)

By Mathew Carr

May 12, 2021 — LONDON: Germany detailed allowed emissions sector by sector as it published its new, more-ambitious planned climate law yesterday.

Energy industry emissions to plunge 61% in the decade through 2030; transport emissions to drop 43% in the same period, in a brutally clear signal for lower crude oil demand, according to the data.

Germany now to become climate neutral by 2045 instead of 2050 and has outlined a path to achieve this with binding targets.

This is at the heart of the revised Climate Change Act, which the federal cabinet adopted today as recommended by Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze. The interim target for 2030, currently 55 percent, is being increased to a 65 percent greenhouse gas reduction compared to 1990. A new interim reduction target of 88 percent has been set for 2040.

No longer “slack”

Schulze commented in a statement:
“With this Act, we are creating more intergenerational equity, greater planning certainty and resolute climate action that does not stifle industry, but instead restructures and modernises it. I am not talking here about increasing climate targets, for me this is about defusing the climate crisis. The Climate Change Act sets the framework for the coming years and decades and presents us all with a major task. It is not about maths, but about the way we want to live our lives in future, how we want to produce goods, generate heat and travel. This affects many policy areas. In future, all ministries will have to be climate ministries more than ever before. My Climate Change Act guarantees that the government will no longer slacken in its climate action efforts and that we will reliably achieve all targets.

See this snip (in German):

Quick translation:

Appendix 2 – Permissible annual emissions for the years 2020 to 2030
Energy industry
Waste management and miscellaneous

(millions of tons of co2 equivalent)

See also these yearly emission caps for Germany after 2030 vs 1990

Quick translation:

Appendix 3 – Annual reduction targets for the years 2031 to 2040
*Annual reduction targets compared to 1990

(Updates with energy and transport emissions; earlier with annual emission caps; more to come; translation by Google Translate)

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