Biden’s (Probable) Win Reduces the Risk of Global Warming (especially when combined with net-zero moves by China, Japan, South Korea, EU)

By Mathew Carr

Nov. 8, 2020 (LONDON): — If Joe Biden is able to implement his net-zero emissions pledge for 2050, & the U.S. meets it, it could shave 0.1 of a degree C off global warming by 2100, according to a credible climate-scenario expert.

When combined with existing pledges, the U.S. & China stated contributions put the world on track for and increase of about 2.3-2.4°C in 2100, according to Glen Peters. See this:

Previously, the world was headed for at least 4C of warming.

Biden has many challenges, but global 2030 emissions could now be much lower than expected just a few weeks ago.

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