US seeks to limit ‘green mineral’ related corruption: what about fossil-fuel and informational corruption? (2)

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Tackling corruption very selectively: the USA

CarrZee: While I’m not criticizing the competition, the US does not seem so worried about the fossil-fuel corruption it is enabling … eg via rigged crude oil markets…

….and as for its blame for the climate crisis …

…it refuses to put a decent price on carbon dioxide emissions –that’s effective corruption.

North America is probably most to blame for the climate crisis and its polluters largely don’t pay for the damage being caused. That’s corruption.

Further, and even more outrageously, the US is refusing to properly and urgently educate its own population about its culpability for the global climate crisis.

That’s corruption because it’s continued deliberate misinformation.

What about profiteering US-based global corporations more generally ….and what about installing the floor corporation tax the US promised the world it would install?

Is that being tackled?

The global climate crisis
— from the American people

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