Debt for Climate; G7 Vs Poor, Who Must Carry Ball & Chain as They Play: XR, With ‘Corrupt’ World Bank, IMF Umpires

June 27, 2022

–Five Nil to the G7, then it gets worse…etc
–$10 trillion taken from the Global South to the Global North every year: activists, who call for climate justice, commodity justice, debt justice, colonial-era reparations
–Sri Lanka’s mock player: Everything is corrupt here
–Goal posts keep getting moved
–“Ball’s being kept by the G7”
–Biden’s mock representative: 25% of emissions is fair since we have 25% of the global economy
–Activist theory: Global North gets Global South hocked on debt; then they have to produce fossil fuels for the Global North to repay it; burnings the fuels makes things worse for Global South– death spiral results
–Forgiving debt is a fair answer

Facebook link for video:

Moveable Goalposts
Debt forgiveness makes climate sense: activist

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