Super Freaky UN Climate Stocktake Charts; 3m Sea Level Rise; Sky-High Fossil-Fuel Spend (1)

May 15, 2022 — The dire trillions: This UN report on the global stocktake on the climate fight is super freaking scary — and inadequate.

Check out 3 meter sea-level rise expected by 2100, with one scientific report expecting almost 1 meter by 2030 – yes 8 years’ time.

Sea level rise to continue ‘even if warming limited to 1.5C

‘Concerningly high’ levels of money being spent on fossil-fuel investment vs climate finance

See pdf below

The charts are interesting enough to break out, helping you see the detail, especially if you are reading on your phones:

$55 trillion under management

$21 trillion of companies — it’s still a small minority

One quarter of banking focused on climate — $39 trillion (if you added them together it’d be a better result; there’s apparently overlap)


See here for report.

UN climate talks leadership (Alok Sharma) says negotiations and policymaking the past six months hasn’t proceeded fast enough and they need to speed up during the next six months when the UN talks in Egypt are scheduled. Ukraine war is distracting. There’s a risk multilateral efforts will disappoint.

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