Thanks for the Support on GoFundMe Folks – We are Off to a Great Start

We got more than 1600 quid in the first couple of days.

Please consider commenting, sharing, donating (if you haven’t).

See the link in the caption below or here

Of course tip GoFundMe if you want … They will get 2.9% of the money, anyway, plus 30p per donation. Be careful not to accidently tip them too much.

It can be anonymous to the public.

I’m also after pro bono legal help…employment law / whistleblowing

You can also support me more directly (no fees) plus, potentially, get CarrZee perks.

Get in touch at

And finally, do you have short-term work that needs doing? email me for journalism, strategy.

Despite what Bloomberg’s “sham” process found. I’m not lacking in capacity. Promise.

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