CARR VS BLOOMBERG: I Need Your Eyes Friday Afternoon; Joining My Unfair Dismissal Hearing (1)


I essentially only get to put my case for 1.5 hours in the last few hours of the hearing — today on Friday Dec. 10. Approx 2:15-5pm give or take

PLEASE ask the Tribunal and say why you want to listen in: “I’m interested in unfair dismissal / whistleblowing / employment law and the global climate miscarriage of justice” should do it, if true.


Mathew Carr


Recommended Method

  • CVP works best when accessed through the Google Chrome browser and parties will be expected to use Chrome. You can download it for free here if you do not have it.
  • The Guest PIN is 2275
  • You are responsible for ensuring these joining instructions are shared with everyone you wish to attend the hearing, particularly any witnesses you are calling.
  • Please join the hearing by 09:40am to ensure you can connect.

Other Methods

  • You can also join the CVP room from other video platforms, such as Skype, Teams or Lync, by using the address The functionality is reduced if you use this method however.
  • For further information on joining see the CVP guest page here.

Joining Instructions

  • Please join the hearing by 09:40am to ensure you can connect.
  • Follow the instructions in the attached guide “Cloud Video Platform Joining Instructions”
  • You should type in your name as you wish to be referred to in the hearing at this point i.e. normally your title and surname. This will be what is displayed on screen once you have entered the room.
  • When you join you will be in the waiting area until the hearing starts. The tribunal will be able to see that you have arrived so please do not be concerned if you are not admitted to the hearing straight away.  If there are any significant delays to the hearing starting, you will be notified.
  • You should join with your video on, but your microphone on mute.
  • It is important you are ready to join the video call at the time of the hearing, so that you can take part. If you do not join the call, the hearing may go ahead, and a decision may be made, in your absence.
  • You will need to be in a private quiet area inside so that you have a good internet connection, background noise is kept to a minimum and you can hear everything.
  • Remember that all parties will be able to see you on video during the hearing. Please dress as you would for a normal in-person hearing. You should confine yourself to a glass of water for refreshment, as would be the case in a normal hearing.

Testing Your Settings in Advance

  • All parties, witnesses and representatives must test their equipment will work for the CVP hearing in advance.
  • You can do this by accessing this link:

  • If you experience technical difficulties call 0330 808 9405

If you cannot connect on the day of the hearing please email

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