Media a Bigger Climate Villain Than Fossil Fuels; BBC Worst, for Misleading For About 24 Years: Monbiot

By Mathew Carr

Nov. 27, 2021 — This videoed interview explains why the media probably isn’t getting its fair share of the criticism for the climate crisis (not that I agree with all views expressed).

Aaron Bastani of Novara Media speaks with George Monbiot (author, environmentalist) about COP26 (Un climate talks held in Glasgow earlier this month), about which countries are climate change leaders and about how the mainstream media enabled a culture of climate denial when it mattered most.

Surprisingly, he labels the media as bigger climate villains than fossil fuel companies. Also surprising, he says the BBC is the biggest media villain after it downplayed environmental journalism for about a quarter of a century through 2018.

I will ask BBC for a comment.

Developing countries including China have been unfairly demonized, Monbiot said.

Go to about 22 minutes into the interview if you only have a few minutes to watch.

Climate Villains in the Media — Nov. 25

Disclaimer: I’m in an unfair dismissal/whistleblowing legal dispute with my former employer Bloomberg News



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