Missing Data From Brexit Hampers ESMA’s Assessment of World’s Biggest Carbon Market (1)

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Nov. 18, 2021 — London: One of many interesting bits of this report:

In order to allow the Commission to “assess whether certain trading behaviours would require further regulatory actions”, ESMA is also requested to complete this preliminary assessment with a report on the trading of emission allowances by early 2022.

In order to do so, ESMA will deepen its analysis of the situation in this market based on a more comprehensive data analysis and an overall more in-depth look into recent developments.

It is to be noted though that ESMA works with the regulatory data available according to the current applicable requirements in MiFID II and EMIR. Issues linked to the absence of data due to Brexit and to the data quality of reporting might further impact the feasibility of performing certain analyses by ESMA for the next report.

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