United Nations to Resume Global Carbon Market Talks March 29-30 (1)

By Mathew Carr

Feb. 9-March 5, 2021 — LONDON: The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change is to resume talks on March 29-30 on measures that may allow countries to cut the cost of climate action via cooperation.

It held talks last month on adaptation. Consultations are listed here:

The negotiations are needed ahead of a planned climate meeting in November in Glasgow, which was delayed a year because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Cooperation rules on market cooperation and via non-market measures are negotiated under Article 6 of Paris. See this:

Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on Pexels.com

Here are some of the relevant sections of text:

During consultations, “Parties outlined many issues that need to be resolved in Glasgow. We noted consistent mention of the importance of finalizing the Paris Agreement work programme – Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, transparency, and common timeframes – and addressing finance, adaptation, loss and damage, mitigation and ambition. We also heard the importance of ensuring that all issues are addressed in a comprehensive and balanced manner while noting that issues may require different modes of work and/or different levels of engagement to be resolved.

In discussing the plans for the June session, the Executive Secretary provided a frank assessment of the current state of play in Germany and globally which made planning for an in-person session very challenging, including the fact that currently such large events were not allowed in Germany. Noting the views expressed by Parties during the consultations, the secretariat will therefore work closely with the Presiding Officers to explore how work could be undertaken in June that meets the criteria of
advancing work while respecting the concerns expressed regarding decision-making outside of an in-person session. The Presiding Officers and the secretariat reassured Parties of their intention to maintain flexibility in their planning to respond to improvements in the global situation prior to Glasgow.

We look forward to meeting with you in this format monthly to accelerate progress on specific topics to be identified. We noted the concerns expressed regarding time zone challenges and we committed to rotating the times of these monthly consultations so that no region is consistently disadvantaged. In light of the priorities articulated by Parties, as indicated, the February and March consultations will explore ways to accelerate progress on adaptation and on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement respectively.

Earlier this year, UNFCCC executive secretary urged nations to be ambitious.

See: https://unfccc.int/news/patricia-espinosa-outlines-the-four-keys-to-success-at-cop26

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