US Defense Innovation Board Recommends Government Tackles Culture of Obstruction (1)

July 18-22, 2023 — DIB report on the appropriateness of the US National Defense Science and Technology Strategy (NDSTS) [unedited] being published as congressional leaders request more disclosure on the existence of UFO-related technology. The report does not mention UFOs:

In the course of our research and examination of the NDSTS, we arrived at some initial
● The NDSTS outlines worthy and important lines of effort and guiding principles and acknowledges the need to “incentivize … systems that can rapidly incorporate cutting-edge technologies” and “reward rapid experimentation, acquisition, and fielding”, but the question remains whether and how it can and will achieve those aims.
● The NDSTS did not acknowledge challenges and obstacles in the system, with only a single mention of the need to “overhaul … business management practices”; it does not effectively address trade-offs and how to gain speed in the system (e.g., process or culture change).
● The NDSTS does not give confidence that the Department will change how it does business, and thus fails to make a strong business case for companies or investors to focus on defense challenges.

“One of the wisest comments we heard over the last seven months was that the culture of obstruction will not change until it is explicitly called out. We call it out now, not with blame but with candor.

“A culture of obstruction impedes support for the warfighter; a culture of obstruction hinders our ability to defend the nation; a culture of obstruction disrupts our ability to work with allies and partners. The culture of obstruction must change. And that change will require the personal, consistent, strong involvement of the two top leaders in the Pentagon and those in Congress. Leadership from the President would add even more; the two branches of government must act, and act together.

CarrZee is covering this because congressional leaders are calling for disclosure of information related to UFO tech, which may change the nature of security and climate action.

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