UK Police Abuse Their Sinisterly Gained Power by Ignoring Key Part of New Law

Comment, reporting by Mathew Carr

July 17-18, 2023 — The law was changed by desperate politicians to make it harder for Just Stop (New) Oil activists to disrupt business and politics.

Instead, Just Stop (New) Oil’s ability to disrupt has been rendered near useless by a system deliberately designed against them.

That’s because police are ignoring the word “serious” contained in the laser-focused law, obtained by PM Rishi Sunak via a sinister and unaccountable change …using secondary legislation.

There was almost zero disruption leading up to Parliament Square. There was pretty much zero chance of “serious disruption” around Parliament Square.

But still …Just Stop Oil was forced onto the pavement.

I tried somewhat in vain to get the Police to explain.

This seems to be the sergeant who made the call

All this happened in the shadow of a military barracks and a warmongering military and government determined to take the fossil fuel money …that should instead be going to the climate fight and to help the vulnerable and future generations.

Just Stop Oil folk were frustrated and disappointed.

“We need a different strategy,” said one.

Fossil fuel and weapons interests will be celebrating.

Before the protesters reached parliament

In the shadow of the military manoeuvres

What Sunak appears to love

This shows the disruption was far from serious:

Willow was only asking for what the UN and IEA already want

Forced onto the pavement

At the beginning of the march

At the end of the march the police followed the protesters…they seemed a bit intimidatory … until this

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