30 Tory MPs to step down amid election gloom (1)

–A fast climate transition requires politicians who won’t give up, bow out, go home …when facing challenges

Opinion by Mathew Carr

April 11-12, 2023 — Conservative Party led UK is struggling to meet its mandated carbon budgets…finding it difficult to give up fossil fuels fast enough.

An injection of new blood into leadership ranks can be refreshing, but a government giving up isn’t an option.

PM Rishi Sunak has brought stability, yet there seems to be many MPs jumping ship.

Independent newspaper story:


Key bit:

A string of senior Tories and rising stars in the party have detailed their exit plans amid a polling slump, including ex-chancellor Sajid Javid and Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee.

There are now 30 Tory MPs who have announced that they won’t be standing at the next election, with 12 Labour MPs also stepping down next year.

Source: a battered UK flag hangs in the city of Porto, Portugal.

(Correct: Porto is in Portugal, not Spain)

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