UNFCCC Seen Suing Egypt Over Organisation of COP27: Person (1)

The UNFCCC secretariat is preparing to sue Egypt over its mishandling of the desert-based COP27 climate talks in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Holding the rotating presidency of the global talks, Egypt failed to provide enough food and water to delegates at the beginning of the conference, the person said. That breached its contract.

Some delegates fainted from the heat, the person said.

Organisations buying stands in the many expo areas of the conference didn’t receive the equipment and materials that were promised.

The lawsuit is expected to keep the UNFCCC’s legal team busy for a very long time, the person said.

CarrZee comment: The COP26 talks at Glasgow, Scotland, last year also had some chaos, including huge queues to get in amid the pandemic. I didn’t hear UNFCCC threatening to sue the UK, a much richer nation than Egypt, back then.

(Updated to smooth language, earlier to add Glasgow problems for context)

Water fountains apparently being removed on Nov. 19 before the conference had finished.

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