Ukraine Crisis Providing Huge Trade Opportunities in European NatGas and Carbon Markets: Key Analyst (1)

By Mathew Carr

March 4, 2022 — Summer 2022 Dutch natural gas prices rose above a record 200 euros a MWh today, a crazy high level, as traders are panicking rather than thinking about supply and demand fundamentals, according to the experienced analyst in a huge energy company, speaking by phone.

European carbon allowances have fallen to 65 euros from near 100 euros a few short weeks ago. “I think it’s oversold. It’s a great opportunity to buy in,” the analyst said.

Traders use futures and options markets to make quick directional profits in commodities markets.

200 euro summer gas

ICE – Euros / MWh

(These are ideas, not investment advice. Please do your own research if putting real money at risk.)

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